Opening Hours (by appointment only)

Monday to Friday between 8am – 10.30am and 4pm – 5pm.

Saturdays between 8am – 10.30am.

Sundays and Public HolidaysClosed for all appointments.

If you need to extend your stay because you are unable to pick up/drop off during these operating hours, then the extra day(s) will be added to your boarding cost. If you have an emergency and need to request a special opening, this can be arranged for a fee, however please only consider this option if you have no other. Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you at Aragon Cattery within our standard licence operating hours. Please contact us to arrange for your visit.


We welcome appointments for inspections Monday to Saturday between 9am – 10am and would be happy to show you around. Please email or call to let us know when you’d like to visit through our Contact us page.