Cattery Costs and Rates

To give our customers maximum flexibility and quality of service, we avoid double-booking suites over the same day. This allows us enough time to thoroughly clean and prepare the suite between visitors and ensures your suite will always be ready when you arrive.  Rates are therefore calculated on a ‘per calendar day’ basis, irrespective of the time of admission or departure.

We reserve your suite for you as soon as your booking is confirmed. As we are unable to reallocate suites at short notice, we will bill you for those dates regardless if you pick-up earlier.  We usually allocate one family to a suite, however if you would prefer that they be housed separately, please refer to single suite prices. For the protection of our furry guests, only cats from the same household are permitted to share a suite.

Daily Rates
Studio (max.2) Apartment (max.2) Deluxe Studio (max.4) Penthouse (max.5)*
1 Cat $25 $30 $35 $45
2 Cats $35 $45 $45 $55
3 Cats - - $55 $65
4 Cats - - $65 $75
5 Cats - - - $85

* Please note for Penthouse suites only, there is a $20/day surcharge over School and Public holiday periods, with a minimum charge of $75/day.

We have a 14 day minimum stay over the Christmas / New Year period on all bookings.

Payment Methods

We welcome cash payments at drop-off or pick-up. We’re unable to process Credit/Debit card payments, but will accept cheque or direct bank transfers. Account details are:

Bendigo Bank
Account Number: 129496824
BSB Number: 633-000
Ref Number: (please include your surname and/or cat’s name)

Wherever possible, it would be appreciated if customers making bank transfers make one single payment. Multiple partial payments often become difficult to track.


We provide premium and spacious cat accommodation at affordable prices. Having larger suites means we have fewer of them.  We’ve opted for quality over quantity. The suites we have on offer are priced appropriately to ensure we’re able to continue operating. Most importantly, when you book with us you can be assured you’re always getting the best value for money for your cat.  We believe our unique facilities are competitively and fairly priced, and respectfully thank you for not asking us to discount our prices any further.
We may offer a discount at our discretion; however, no discounts will be offered for Studio suites, stays shorter than one month or over seasonal holiday periods. We would love your business; however, we understand some customers might prefer budget facilities and there is a wide selection of those available in the industry.

Additional Services and Costs

  • Pet Transport

    We’ve partnered with an independent Pet Transport Service and can offer a pick-up/drop-off service to most suburbs in the Sydney Metro area. Costs vary relative to  distance travelled. Examples are roughly $100 to Sydney CBD and $75 to Mona Vale (as at Sep 2017). Aragon Cattery do not add any charge for arranging this and fees are paid directly to the Transport Service at pick-up/drop-off. Contact us if you would like us to assist in arranging this service. Please note, we act on your behalf under ‘good faith’. In the event that you are uncontactable on the day that you requested transport, you will be liable for the full cost. This charge is  payable direct to the carrier. The charge will be levied irrespective if the pick-up/drop-off was completed. A round trip can take up to 2 hours and incurs fuel and toll costs, which need to be reimbursed.

  • Medication

    As part of the lodging service, we will administer one treatment/dosage per day of medication (e.g. pill, ointment or injection). Additional treatments incur a surcharge of $2.50 per treatment. Customers should confirm these at the time of booking to ensure we’re able to accommodate appropriately.

  • De-fleaing

    We provide this service at a cost of $20 per application. This covers the cost of the product. If you provide your own product, we will administer it free of charge.

  • Extra Meals

    As part of the lodgement service, we provide as standard, dry food throughout the day and one wet meal (e.g. premium pets mince or quality canned food) per day, unless otherwise instructed. Additional meals/feeding require additional product and staffing to prepare and clean. Accordingly they will incur a surcharge of $2.50 per meal, irrespective if the food is provided. If you require this service, please specify at time of booking.

  • Veterinarian

    Should your cat require medical attention, we have partnered with a local 24hr on-call Veterinarian. We will admit your cat to the clinic should we feel it necessary and in compliance with our industry duty of care policy. We take all reasonable measures to inform you, the owner, that your cat has been or will be, admitted. Aragon Cattery will not charge transportation for the initial visit. However, each subsequent visit will incur a $30 transport levy.  Owners are responsible for all related veterinarian and hospitalisation costs.

  • Photos

    Complimentary digital photos (a one-off set of up to 5) can be provided on request for stays over 30 consecutive days. However, for shorter stays, customers can purchase photos at a cost of $25 per set (delivered via e-mail).

  • Special Opening

    The cattery is open by appointment between opening hours only. Should you need access to pick up/drop off your cat outside of our normal operating hours, this can be pre-arranged for a fee of $100.